Learning Communities for churches seeking a missional focus


We love to come alongside leaders and churches to journey with you as you build a culture of discipleship and mission. 

Jesus is all about transformation and growth.  As followers of Jesus our lives should be continually changed and changing.  Imagine a world where our churches are transformation centres, where people are discipled and on mission together.  A world where the people in our churches have lives that have been radically transformed.

 At Cairn we love to come alongside leaders and churches to journey with you as you build a culture of discipleship and mission.  Our training aims to help you and your teams reset your culture, recalibrate your practice and reach out to your communities.

Table Workshop

Learning Communities

Do you have a vision, passion or hope for social impact, and desire your faith to be central to your energy and effort, both in identity and ministry, but also to make a difference in the world?

Our core training is our Learning Community.  This can take place around four gatherings, which happens every six months over a period of two years or through online workshops.  In these gatherings you will receive input from practitioners who have experimented with discipleship and mission in a variety of contexts.  You will have plenty of opportunities to discuss what you are learning in your teams, and you will come away with a plan for the next six months.  In between the gatherings, one or two of your key leaders will take part in an online coaching group.

Learning Communities in Action

You will cover a wide range of topics including:

“The learning community provided a sense of community and accountability in a regular rhythm.”

Rick Hill
Discipleship &
Leadership Development Officer
Presbyterian Church in Ireland

  • Building a discipling culture
  • The Jesus way of discipleship 
  • Starting with mission rather than starting with church
  • How to lead a culture shift
  • People of peace
  • The intelligence of APEST
  • Being communities of good news
  • The marks of a missional community
  • Living a balanced life
  • Investing in others
  • Spiritual formation and leadership development
  • Emotionally healthy discipleship
  • Belong, believe, become
  • Gathered and scattered church
  • God’s heart for the broken
  • The power of collaboration


Ever felt you have more to give as a leader?  

Ever wanted to get more out of your team? 

Ever felt there was a deeper and more mature expression of Jesus that your church could express? 

Ever wondered why people on your team see the same situation in completely different ways?

5Q is the Fivefold ministry of apostolic, prophetic, evangelist, shepherding and teaching, found in Ephesians 4, but is also importantly embodied by Jesus and gifted to the church to aid her in pursuing greater maturity. 5Q training can help you and your team explore APEST dynamics and how they can inform and mature our expression of discipleship, leadership, community and mission. The training process will help you as a leader navigate current reality and capture a vision of how APEST can help us to become a more mature expression of the body of Christ and a more faithful and fruitful witness to the world.

5Q offers a personal APEST test, small group modules, short training (6 weeks) and longer training process (6 months and 12 month options), to help you understand the theology and theory of APEST and move towards the training and tools to help you to make this land well in your life and leadership context.

APEST is not an excuse, a box or a title, and it isn’t just for a few. APEST is the ‘thumbprint and deposit’ of Jesus in us and on us as disciples and as a church. Come explore how we can live more fully into who God made us to be.
Huddling around a table working on some ideas with a mini flip chart

We offer a 6 week APEST training course on Weds (7-8pm). For more information book below.  If no courses are currently running, we will inform you of the next one.

Learning Community Teaching

Formation Huddles

A Huddle is a place to find support, be equipped & grow in your leadership calling.

Learning Community Teaching


Leadership is not easy… we need support along the way and that is what huddles are about.

The Formations Huddle, for those seeking to find a better balance in ministry life that brings fruit, rest and spiritual growth.

Learning Community Discussion

Often as leaders we function in spheres where we are leading, looking to get the best out of others, and aiming to release potential in our leaders, teams and organisation, but often forget to invest in ourselves. Huddles give the opportunity for you to have that investment, which gives you the opportunity to find support, be equipped and to grow in your leadership and calling, with a group of peers on a similar journey as yourself.


Pioneering something new or in a voluntary role with a salary under 20k? Cairn offer a bursary scheme to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to invest in their leadership. If you meet the criteria, please get in touch.

Learning Community Discussion
Learning Community Gathering

The details:
Huddles run for an academic year online, either once or twice a month.

Option 1:

x 1 online Huddle per month – hour in length. £20 per month.

Option 2:

x 2 online Huddle’s per month – hour in length. £40 per month. 

Sound like something you would like to be part of? We would love to hear from you. Register your interest in a Huddle today and we can start the conversation on how we can support you best in your leadership journey.

“We as a church have invested in Huddles across our church over an extended period of time and we have seen real growth in faith and a deepening desire for service and ministry.

 Keith Mack 

Emotionally Health Spirituality Teaching

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Discipleship is not just about learning spiritual practices

That’s part of it, but life changing discipleship will transform every area of our lives. Emotionally healthy discipleship looks below the surface and encourages us to create a church culture that creates deeply changed disciples of Jesus. 

Emotionally Health Spirituality Teaching

Cairn are partnering with Emotionally Healthy Discipleship to deliver training and coaching which covers issues such as:

  • Grounding our discipleship in the person of Jesus
  • Being an emotionally healthy leader
  • The importance of slowing down 
  • Dealing with anger, sadness and fear
  • Embracing grief and loss
  • Learning how to love God, others and ourselves
  • The gift of limits
  • The power of Sabbath
  • Breaking the power of the past