Gain Skills to Church Plant or start a new venture.

Forge Pioneer Course

We believe there is a huge need for new patterns of Kingdom life to take root throughout Scotland and Ireland if we are to see the vast majority of the population impacted with the gospel.

This will involve the establishment of new churches and missional communities, but will also involve the development of new missional projects, businesses, programmes and initiatives in every area of society.

The Forge Pioneer Course is a year-long spare time course designed to move anyone with a missional dream from concept to reality.  

Emerging Pioneers

Emerging Pioneer Network Scotland is an initiative of Cairn, Alpha Scotland, Baptist Union of Scotland and others

Emerging Pioneers is the vision for a structured, supportive, training process with the express aim of preparing young leaders to start new Church Plants, mission projects and Kingdom businesses.  

What is envisaged is a 3-year process, which builds, year by year cohorts, of 12-15 young leaders aged between 18-25. 

Throughout this time, there would be an expectation that the young leader would be embedded and serving in their local church. Additional mission context placements may also be included where suitable options are not available locally.

We recognise the need for a wraparound programme to create a sense of community and support, journeying through the process. So, in addition to these year-by-year training blocks, we also plan on gathering annually for a couple of residentials; once in the Summer and once a year in January. We also anticipate a variety of regular relational touchpoints, including a monthly rhythm of gathering cohorts on a citywide basis, for food and worship. 

The training process would have, as a broad outline:


  • Year 1: Training Hub addressing character and discipleship
  • Year 2: Internship in a missional context
  • Year 3: Forge Pioneer preparing to launch new initiatives

It is anticipated that the cost of this programme would be found by the participants and would not be massively more than the cost of each of the component training courses. So, about £1,000 per annum.


We are preparing for next year’s intake ahead of the Training Hub starting. To find out more email

Creo Ventures

Do you have a vision, passion or hope for social impact and desire your faith to be central to your energy and effort, both in identity and ministry, but also to make a difference in the world?

Creo serves Christian Entrepreneurs and exists to connect, train and resource Christian Entrepreneurs to advance the common good. We work to grow your Christlikeness and competency as a spiritual and social entrepreneur, and help develop the culture and capacity of your venture.

If you want to grow in integration of your faith and depth of character, and be equipped with self awareness to grow in competency, to launch, run and scale a venture, we can provide the coaching, content and collective that will help you on this journey. 

CREO offers Accelerators (9-week intensive) and Labs (9-month training), which will help you to develop as a spiritual and social entrepreneur and launch or scale your venture. These offerings involve online content, tailored coaching and interactions with a cohort of other christian entrepreneurs. 

If you want to  listen and learn from other’s stories, have the right people on board, grow in skills and awareness and join a collective of Christian entrepreneurs – then come join CREO.

Pioneer Huddles

A Huddle is a place to find support, to equipped & grow in your leadership calling.

 Leadership is not easy….. we need support along the way and that is what huddle is about.

 As leaders, we often function in spheres where we are leading, where we are looking to get the best out of others, and aiming to release potential in our leaders, teams and organisation, but often forget to invest in ourselves. Huddles give the opportunity for you to have that investment and gives you the opportunity to find support, be equipped and grow in your leadership and calling with a group of peers on a similar journey as yourself.


The Pioneer Huddle, for those in a frontline, missional context either planting a church, new mission initiative or similar pioneering environment

The details:

Huddles run for academic year online, either once or twice a month. Costs reflects the regularity of your huddle.

Option 1: x 1 online Huddle per month – hour in length. £20 per month.

Option 2: x 2 online Huddle’s per month – hour in length. £40 per month.

Pioneering something new or in a voluntary role with a salary under 20k? Cairn offer a bursary scheme to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to invest in their leadership. If you meet the criteria, please get in touch.

Sound like something you would like to be part of? We would love to hear from you. Register your interest in a Huddle today and we can start the conversation on how we can support you best in your leadership journey.