Learning Community 3 – Launching Missional Communities

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The journey so far …

In the first Learning Community we looked at the way Jesus lived and the culture of discipleship and mission that he built. 

We were challenged to think about the changes we need to make personally, and in our organisations, to have a culture closer to the one Jesus built. In the second Learning Community we focussed on discipleship and leadership development. 

We looked at the process of discipleship and the different stages that both the disciple and the person discipling go through. Good discipleship leads to transformation because as we become more like Jesus our lives are renewed from the inside out. 

We were introduced to concept of emotionally healthy discipleship and 5Q, the power of identifying and releasing the Ephesians 4 ministry gifts which each of us have been given. 

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This course is delivered by expert practitioners

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Alan McWilliam, Cairn Team Lead

Aaron Elder, Oxgangs Community Church

Rick Hill, Discipleship & Leadership Development Officer, Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Faith Brennan, Church Planter and Former Missional Communities Pastor with Central Church, Edinburgh

Rich Robinson, Cairn Director