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A network of Church Planters, Church Leaders and Missional Practitioners

Cairn Gatherings

We gather together three times a year to celebrate what God is doing and encourage one another to greater faith, hope and love.

The easiest way to connect with the Cairn Network is to join us when we gather. During these times we go deeper with God – Jesus is always centre stage – in worship, prayer and ministry. We go deeper with one another – friendships are formed and old friends enjoy time together. We go further together – times of testimony inspire us and new teaching releases creativity and boldness.

We gather three times a year – in early February we have a day together to encourage and inspire; in June we have a weekend where the network gathers to celebrate what God has been doing (our Forge participants graduate) and we party! In October we gather for a retreat on Lindisfarne (Holy Island) to go deeper with God.


Everyone needs a place to belong.

Everyone needs a place to know others and be known. A safe, trustworthy group of fellow disciples who want to encourage and strength each other.

We have different Circles for different people and different stages of life. 5Q circles are groups of people seeking to grow in their gifting – apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching and pastoring. We also have spiritual formation, emerging leader (18-30) and pioneer circles. Each run by a trained and trusted member of the Cairn Network.

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Partner Events

Cairn love to collaborate with our ministry friends.

We know that what got us to here will not get us to where we want to be. The only way is through creative collaboration with others in ministry. We need to discover new ways of doing life and ministry. We need to recognise the strengths of others and work to champion them.

We work with the Scottish Church Planting Network; Evangelical Alliance; the Community of Aidan & Hilda; Refuel Conference; Streams Ministries; 5Q; CREO; Kyria Network; Presbyterian Church of Ireland; Praxis and many many others.

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Prayer moves the heart of God. Prayer reshapes the heart of people.

We know that to see a vibrant Christian community in every location and network in Scotland and Ireland is impossible for us. This is a work of God’s amazing grace. It is only as we humble ourselves and pray that he will come and heal our lands. It is only as we humble ourselves and pray that we quieten ourselves enough to hear and be shaped by his ways and plans. Prayer is the powerful interactive space that connects heaven and earth.

We covet your prayers.

We need people who are willing to cry out alongside us. We are looking for those who are willing to spend time in the presence of our King interceding for the work and ministry. Would you be willing to do that?


We covet your prayers.

We want to see a vibrant Christian community in every location and network in Scotland and Ireland. This is a huge vision, but we believe that in partnership with all of God’s people we can see this happen. Each year we want to see more churches revived and focused on disciple-making – this requires training and trainers. Each year we want to see loads of new churches and mission projects launched – this requires teams work all over the countries to identify, equip and release.

All of this takes money.

We are so grateful for all who give to Cairn Movement to make this vision possible. Would you consider giving? If so please would you donate today.

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