Existing leader looking to grow your church, organisation or project?

Are you looking for…?

Existing leader looking to grow your church, organisation or project?

Are you looking for…?

Personal Support?

If you are a Christian who leads, then we want to support you. Whether you lead a church, charity, business or in some other area of culture we know how challenging it is.

Cairn offer “Circles” which are online small groups of like-minded practitioners. These are an opportunity to develop your own spiritual formation in a safe environment with like-minded leaders.

We have different Circles for different people and different stages of life. 5Q circles are groups of people seeking to grow in their gifting – apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching and pastoring. We also have spiritual formation, emerging leader (18-30) and pioneer circles. Each run by a trained and trusted member of the Cairn Network.

Help your church grow

We all want our churches to grow, to see more people coming to faith and then see them mature and released into ministry. The key factor that we need to refocus on is building a discipleship culture.

Cairn offer a Learning Community which is a 2 year, coached, change management process that helps you and your church build a discipleship process, create a leadership development pipeline and then launch missional projects and activities. Find out more about Learning Communities or chat it through with Scott McRoberts.

Or perhaps you want to access the Learning Community online – we also provide an E-Learning Community resource

Opportunities to Collaborate?

If you are a church, organisation or Kingdom business leader who is seeking to grow through collaborative projects, then we have many ways to help you. We run gatherings that are open to all and Community of Practise for those who have gone through our Learning Communities and want to deepen their knowledge and practice of discipleship making and mission. To find out more then book a call with Scott.

Needing Bespoke Consultancy or Coaching?

Do you lead a denomination, organisations or business that require some unique contextualised help from our experienced practitioners. We would be happy to chat about what we can offer.


Book a 30 minute appointment  with Alan or Scott to discover where you best fit

Release your Pioneers

Have a few pioneers who have an idea in your team or congregation?  If their ideas sit outside your core vision, then the Forge Course could be for them.

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