Learning communities

Learning Communities for churches seeking a missional focus

What is a Learning Community?

  • 2-year process of learning together – a coached change management process
  • 4, 24hr training and input events where we cover key themes
  • Friday 6-9pm – Saturday 9am-6pm
  • Teams of 4-6 key decision makers (always inc minister / pastor / leader)
  • What is (current), what could be (future), how can we get there (plan)
  • 6mth working plan to take home and implement
  • Each LC starts with a review of the 6mth plan, and builds from there.
  • Minister/Pastor/Leader’s small group – fortnightly 1hr support (zoom)

Costs vary for Learning Communities depending on where they are being run and with who. We never let cost be the reason for people not doing LCs.

What are the key themes we cover?

  • Building a Discipleship Culture – Refocussing local church on every member ministry
  • Multiplying Missional Leaders – Building a leadership pipeline
  • Launching Missional Communities – Creating vehicles for sustained mission activities
  • Leading Kingdom Movements – Looking at ways to take this outward flow further (Church Planting, etc)

What should you expect from being on LC?

  • Real unity / sense of being on a journey together
  • Concrete practical strategy for each 6 months
  • That you will have to work hard at reading / implementing through a working group who meet monthly to implement and review.