Is God leading you into creating new expressions of church?

The Forge Pioneer Course

Is a spiritual formation and training process for those who sense that God might be leading them into creating new expressions of church. Through a combination of mentoring huddles, training weekends, in context experience and individual learning and reflection, our aim is to prepare people to launch into what God is calling them to do.

The purpose of the Pioneer Course is to validate the pioneering spirit, creating a beachhead for making Kingdom ground and championing a voice for change in church as we know it. The pioneer course explores the questions raised by church, culture & Kingdom as well as fostering relationships between like-minded, Kingdom-seeking trail-blazers and connects them with others on the same journey.


What’s it about?

  • Validating the pioneering spirit – we are “yes” people
  • Moving from an idea to really doing it – we help you make it happen.
  • Championing change in church as we know it – we love the church and want it to thrive.

Why is it needed?

  • “To reach the non-churched we must ‘stop starting with church’ and come outside the circle and re-imagine church” – Bob Hopkins
  • “God is already meeting people wherever they are. Our calling is to join Him.” – Peter Neilson

What does it do?

  • Explores the questions raised by church, culture & Kingdom.
  • Fosters relationships between like-minded, Kingdom-seeking trail-blazers and connects them with others on the same journey.
  • Provides wisdom and experience for Pioneers through mentoring.

“We know that there is a fundamental change that is required, if we are going to see the radical re-evangelisation of our continent.”

Alan McWilliam

Director Forge Europe

Upcoming Course

Applications for Forge Pioneer Course 2024-25 deadline 23rd August 2024

2024/25 Forge Pioneer Course Dates:

Weekend 1

Residential Induction: Seamill

September 13-15

Weekend 2


November 8-10

Weekend 3

Online Event

January 17-18

Weekend 4


March 14-16

Weekend 5


May 9-11

Forge Graduation


June 7

Pioneer Intro Online Course

This course will allow people interested in Church Planting and pioneer mission to grasp the core concepts and possibilities.

The course is delivered over 6 sessions.  All sessions are required.

Topics covered:

  • What is pioneer mission?
  • What is required to be involved?
  • What is possible in my area / parish?
  • What are the firt steps required in making this happen?

This training course is being delivered by the Forge Scotland & Forge Ireland Teams



“The good folks at Forge Scotland are not only dear friends and colleagues, but are in my opinion the outstanding practitioners of missional church in Scotland. If you are concerned about the future vitality of Christian discipleship in this ancient land, I highly recommend the Forge tribe in whatever they do.”

Alan Hirsch

Award Winning Author & Missional Activist

“I love how partnership speaks of unity and the Kingdom of God and I’m delighted that DNA is in partnership with Forge. We have had trainees do the Forge year as part of their second year programme with us. The teaching is focused and excellent. We need together to raise up new leaders for a new generation of church planting in Scotland that explores a new approach to church and mission. I am convinced that under God Forge and DNA might play a part in this exciting challenge and I commend them to you.“ Pete Gilbert – DNA

“Attending the Forge Scotland Pioneer course was one of the most significant periods in my discipleship journey. A unique opportunity to discover how you can participate more effectively in the plans God has for you. The Forge Scotland Pioneer course is an intense period of teaching, thinking, challenge, encouragement, mentoring, spirituality and discipleship thanks to a team with diverse gifts and approaches but who are all passionate about the Kingdom and how we can serve it better.” Ian Burleigh – Forge graduate

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