Learning Community Bundle – With Coaching

All 4 e-learning Learning Communities with a Coach to guide you through.


Learning Community takes you and your team on a journey of discovery.  We have read the gospels and marvelled at Jesus’ life and ministry.  We have been inspired by church in the book of Acts.  These Learning Communities invite us to consider what mission and discipleship looked life in the lives of Jesus and those early Christians and to think through what that means for us and our churches at this moment in time.

There are four Learning Communities.  Each one has four sessions of about 2 hours, 8 hours in all.  Our prayer for you is that these 32 hours will change you forever and catalyse the discussions your church needs to have about how to be centres of mission and discipleship.

We recommend this journey for teams new to Learning Community.  You commit to going through the four Learning Communities in a year (one every 3 months) and connect with other leaders and teams on the same journey through our coaching groups, called huddles, and termly 1.5 hour webinars.

This package includes:

  • All 4 e-learning Learning Communities
  • 1 year of monthly coaching groups for one key leader
  • Termly webinars for your team where you join with other teams on this journey