Courses that Create Missional Movements

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Current Course Categories


Equipping pioneers to reimagine church and provoke church planting.


Encouraging existing church leaders to restore a missional heart and discipleship culture in their churches.

Pioneer Courses

Forge Pioneer Course

A year-long spare time course designed to move anyone with a missional dream from concept to reality.

CREO Ventures

Connecting and training entrepreneurs globally who are empowered to create, build and scale ventures that advance the common good.

Emerging Pioneer Course

A structured, supportive, training process  preparing young leaders to start new Church Plants, mission projects and Kingdom businesses.


Learning Communities

Church Leadership teams working together, guided by a practitioner coach, through a proven process to establish deep missional roots.

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Emotionally healthy discipleship looks below the surface and encourages us to create a church culture which creates deeply changed disciples of Jesus.


5Q is the Fivefold ministry of apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, shepherding and teaching found in Ephesians 4, which was also importantly embodied by Jesus


Begin a missional journey with some small group resources that will help your church start to ask questions about mission and your community.


Pioneer Huddles

The Pioneer Huddle is for those in a frontline, missional context, either planting a church, new mission initiative or similar pioneering environment

Formations Huddles

The Formations Huddle is for those seeking to find a better balance in ministry life that brings fruit, rest and spiritual growth.

Leadership Huddles

The Established Huddle is for those in a more established form of church, but looking to adapt and grow missional expressions